About Mao-Zhen

Company Profile

Established in 2015, Mao-Zhen is a company with the business philosophy of “Honesty and Integrity, Sustainable Management, and Create Win-Win Situation Together”. We have a professional team and global supply chain as our support, always providing customers with “professional, quality, fast, and reasonable” services. It is our goal and objective to build up a trustful and long-term relationship with our customers.
Mao-Zhen Enterprise aims to meet the needs for customized orders and to integrate the global supply chain of electronic components to provide more flexible and smooth services. We also pride ourselves on perfect and strict quality control as well as high customer satisfaction, allowing our customers to deliver all kinds of tasks and requests with confidence. We believe that, in the technology industry, where speed and efficiency are the main concerns, the only way to achieve a win-win situation is to choose the right supply partner with the highest efficiency.

Corporate Culture

Customer Oriented

To solve the difficulties of “urgent order” and “small quantity and multiple types of needs” for our customers, we provide professional, fast and reliable quality control services


We make quality and efficiency as our top priority


We develop cost-effective solutions with the goal to enhance our competitiveness


We fulfill our corporate social responsibility

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